Nominal cortisol levels?

Russ tryggvi at
Thu Aug 3 23:14:07 EST 2000

        Conn's Current Therapy gives the range of cortisol at 8:00 AM as
6-23 ug/dL, and the 4:00 PM value as <50% 8:00 AM value.
        From what I have read, 23 ug/dL seems pretty high to be accepted as
a "normal" level. In at least one study, the low end of the Cushing's
syndrome range was 15 ug/dL, and 35-50 ug/dL is not unusual for Cushing's
Syndrome. In some studies, normal controls had 8:00 AM levels around 6.
        What do you think optimum/nominal levels would be? What level should
set off alarms and make you call for more tests?
        Is there a website for cortisol something like the COPE website for
cytokines? Thanks for your attention.

Russell Farris

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