Patent or publish (or both)? 25 years of Mabs!

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Sat Aug 5 20:51:06 EST 2000

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> A question of should academics be more interested in publication or
> patenting? Attitudes have changed over 25 years.

Hello Mike,

                   Thank you for posting the link to the letter. But, what
do you mean by a change in attitude, and how do you know that attitudes have
changed over 25 years?

                   I suspect what you mean is that those researchers with a
primary interest in patenting have thrived and those with a primary interest
in publication have not thrived. With the Darwinian struggle between
researchers, and with the increasing erosion of academia by industrial
interests, those with a primary interest in publication may have fallen by
the way-side, but they (and the views they hold) are still there.

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