Chlamydia vs Immune System

Mon Aug 7 09:47:00 EST 2000

Chlamydia has been indicated as a problem in a number of illnesses.  Usually 
source seems to be an infection elsewhere in the body that was not completely
eliminated.  Dr. Mark Levine's study of Vitamin C and neutrophils, which 
Vitamin C to be called an "immune-cell antidote", suggests that maintaining an
adequate level of Vitamin C in serum throughout the day and increasing the 
at first sign of illness might avoid this problem.  Divided doses should be 
at least
three times a day and preferably four time a day.  Based on some studies,
maintenance dosage of 500 mg qid is suggested with an increase with illness.  
In my
experience, maintaining a good Vitamin C level in serum is especially 
protective in
the case of attacks through the skin, such as insect bites.
Ralph L. Samson


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