The immune system vs. Creationism

Russ tryggvi at
Wed Aug 9 10:07:20 EST 2000

"Donald Forsdyke" <forsdyke at> wrote ...
> "Russ" <tryggvi at> wrote ...
> >         We were focused on immunology until you made a pitch for your
> book.
>        In my reply I referred you to my book as a source of information
> pertinent to the issues you rise. In North American where self-marketing
> skills, rather than ability, are often critical for "success", it is
> understandable that you should dismiss this as making a "pitch". . . .
> these chapters are on the net, at the site below. . . .

        At first glance your ideas match my own experience and I will study
them in greater detail. I apologize for my rude and hasty
mischaracterization of your posting as a pitch for your book.

Russ Farris

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