HiTrap Protein A columns reuse

Richard J. Shaw shawr at agresearch.cri.nz
Wed Aug 16 19:04:33 EST 2000

Dear Student
We use HiTrap Protein G columns (and HiTrapNHS-mAb columns also) and they seem 
to last and last.  We have had only one column fail in ~6 years, which was a 
Protein G column used to purify mouse asites antibody.  As long as the serum 
is clean (lipids can kill any column quickly) a HiTrap column use by date can 
be regarded as a long time!  We have had a HiTrapNHS-anti ovine IgE mAb column 
 still working well after in excess of 500x pH 3.0 Glycine elutions. Actually 
you are more likely to lose a column by dropping it and breaking the end off. 


 "Student" <mucineer at iname.com> wrote:
>Does anyone use the HiTrap Protein A columns from Pharmacia to purify human
>IgG? Can they be regenerated for more purifications and how do they perform?
>Approximately how many times can this be done?
>Many thanks.

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