The Opportunity of a Lifetime

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Tue Aug 22 13:12:58 EST 2000

The Opportunity of a Lifetime

This is the dream that has drawn many thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs to the Web.

Finally, we have developed a new system that is extremely easy, fun, and profitable.

Potential income of $24,000 in just 6 months - with very little effort:

Here's how The Opportunity works:
  You purchase a web page from me for $30. 
  You then sell pages for $30 each.  Promote your page via e-mail, advertising, word of mouth, whatever. 
  You earn money from your direct sales, their sales, and so on...  Before you know it, we have a huge network and everyone is making money. 
  Residual income that you will enjoy. 
 We know you get these e-mails all the time, but this one is worth looking into.  Check it out.


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