Dennis J. Young djyoung at ucsd.edu
Mon Dec 11 19:49:46 EST 2000

If your Glycophorin A is a direct conjugate, you should dilute it with
unlabeled Glycophorin A, thus reducing the signal but still saturating
the sialoglycoprotein with antibodies.
What is 1 microliter per lambda? Erythrocytes are bright for Glycophrin
A, so 0.01 micrograms of antibody per microliter of blood is not

"Fallon, Paul G." wrote:
> Hi,
> I am trying to attempting to stain a population of periferal blood with
> a few different lineage panels including Erythroid for flow cytometric
> analysis.  I am finding , however that my Glycophorin A stain is too
> bright even when titrated down to 1µl/lamda.  I suspect nonspecific
> binding.  Does anyone know of a method to block binding using ADP?
> Thanks.
> Paul Fallon


Dennis J. Young
Flow Cytometry Core Facility		
University of California, San Diego

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