cyclosporin in olive oil?

paul.fonteneau fonteno at pharma.u-strasbg.fr
Mon Dec 18 05:10:11 EST 2000

Dallas Grasby wrote:
> I'm planning to inject rats with cyclosporin (10mg/kg) to prevent
> transplant rejection.  I'm using the Sandimmun® preparation from
> Novartis which is a concentrate for IV infusion (PEG-35 Castor oil /
> Cremaphor EL).  Most labs seem to dilute this in olive oil with
> sonication to aid mixing

I'have also used dilution in 0.15% ethanol/buffer to inject

> - do people really use olive oil off the
> supermarket shelf or is a more pure formulation required?

Of the supermarket. First pressure oil is the purest you can obtain ???
NO ???

> and is an
> intraperitoneal route preferred to subcutaneous?

I think that intraperitoneal is better than subcutaneous...

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