PCR from histology samples

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Steve Essery wrote in message <877b5m$o95$1 at news7.svr.pol.co.uk>...
>Can anyone tell me about the feasibility of sequencing DNA from paraffin
>mounted histology samples. Any tips or protocols relating to this subject
>would be greatly appreciated.



J Histochem Cytochem 1993 May;41(5):765-8
Rapid preparation of tissue DNA from paraffin-embedded blocks and analysis
by polymerase chain reaction.

J Virol Methods 1991 Nov;35(1):39-47
A simple method for isolation of DNA from formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded
samples for PCR.

 Diagn Mol Pathol 1999 Sep;8(3):145-51
Detection of mycobacterial nucleic acids by polymerase chain reaction in
fixed tissue specimens of patients with human immunodeficiency virus
infection. Swiss HIV Cohort Study.

Hope this helps...


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