How to remove bovine immunoglobulins?

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Thu Feb 3 11:17:49 EST 2000

Hello friends,

I am using 5-10% of Fetal bovine serum containing medium to culture my B-
cell hybridomas. While purifying the culture supernatants using Protein G
column (Gama bind plus), I am facing the problem of bovine
immunoglobulins copurifying with my monoclonal antibodies. How to remove
the bovine immunoglobulins contamination from my purified monoclonal
antibodies? Is there any company marketing affigel columns with anti-
bovine immunoglobulins? or is there any alternative methods available?
Now I have started using either protein A passed FBS or Ultra low bovine
immunoglobulin containing sera for the culture medium to circumvent this
problem. Any help in this regard will be useful. Thanks in advance for
your suggestions.


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