The immune system is dead! Long live the immune system!

D Forsdyke forsdyke1 at
Fri Feb 4 09:45:08 EST 2000

> Since there seems to be a resolute intention to keep silent on this
> challenge, let me see if I can stir up a discussion on these pages. In
> particular, if you think the challenge is interesting, then please
> provoke  interest amongst your colleagues.
> Let me first sum up the current perspective and then the challenging
> perspective.  The conventional view is as follows:
> "Hey guys (immune cells that is) the bugs are out there, let's go get
> and kill 'em. While we're about it we'll remember what they look like
> so that we can kill 'em quicker next time."
> The challenging view is:
> "Oops. Something's making a (tissue) mess. Better go tidy up the mess.
> While we're about it we'll remember the most unusual characteristics
> (antigenic signatures) of this mess so that we can be alerted quicker
> and be more aggressive next time a similar mess turns up."
Dear Jamie,
           Without requiring readers to go your web-site, could you
clarify what is the difference between your "Hey guys" and "Oops"
alternatives. They seem pretty well the same to me.

Sincerely, Donald Forsdyke. Discussion Leader, Bionet.immunology

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