The immune system is dead! Long live the immune system!

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Fri Feb 4 21:55:50 EST 2000

: Of course science progresses by building on the ruins of earlier models.

case in point:

: all can it do and how does it do it, and what can go wrong ?  

Dr. Knight's research indicates that it can do a lot when functioning

: The system has evolved to deal with BOTH bugs and with internal "messes."

The implications stemming from the discovery of the vitaletheine
modulators suggests that the subtle interplay of the various systems
mentioned below gives the immune system great flexibility in dealing
with threats, whatever the nature or origin, except in the case of heavy
metal contamination, chemical poisoning of the system, or
severe radiation damage

: Let's not forget the idea that the immune system is also part of a
: neuro-endocrine-immune system that works to maintain homeostasis.  All of
: the systems had to evolve together.

The problems the immune system faces today are unparalleled, the sheer
number of synthetic chemical compounds and industrial waste by-products
has made it as difficult to maintain "homeostasis" in the body as it has
been to maintain ecosystems threatened by urban sprawl. In effect, the
piling up of insult and injury eventually results in a catastrophic
illness, much the same way a lake or river "dies" if its capacity to
tolerate unbalancing factors is exceeded. It is interesting to note that
Dr. Knight has produced lifetime cure in animal cancer studies simply by
replacing missing immune modulating compounds, and other efforts have
shown this to be a promising approach for a wide variety of immune
related diseases. Further reading:


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