Avoiding the flu

maciej simm simm at cd4cd8.com
Sat Feb 5 22:06:18 EST 2000

immunity cannot be communicated in the way you have described. Antibodies are made
of proteins.
Best treatment for anything is prevention, and drinking the 8 glasses of water per
day cannot be
overephasized (mailny b/c most people cannot go to the bathroom every 40 minutes).

RSAMSON18 at cs.com wrote:

> You can probably better avoid coming down with the flu by associating with
> healthy
> people who have completely recovered from the flu than by getting the weak flu
> vaccination.  The antibodies produced from the actual flu are much stronger
> than
> those from the present vaccine.  In fact, for someone with a strong immune
> system,
> the flu vaccine may weaken their response to the actual virus.  Perhap, a
> different
> approach might be taken.  Vaccinate individuals with strong immune systems
> with
> the actual virus and then have them spread their antibodies around after they
> have
> defeated the virus.  Vaccinating into muscle while maintaining a high level of
> Vitamin C in serum to provide antidotes for the macrophages should contain the
> virus to the vicinity of the injection but allow antibodies to spread
> throughout the
> body.
> The relatively poor showing of this year's flu shots suggests some rethinking.
> Ralph L. Samson
> ---

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