Clean ELISA april at
Tue Feb 8 15:14:50 EST 2000

1)Add 0.5% Tween to your reagents
2)increase washes
3)cross tirate conjugate for best signal to noise ratio
4)empirically determine best blocker; BSA is the old stand by that works
(in general) pretty good; however depending on your analyte as well as the
system you are using BSA may be quite problematic (i.e. BSA is if using AP
detection system).  Basically you cannot predit the best one, it must be
determined by experimentation.

other blockers: serum; matrix analyte is present in, casein

Most reagent supply companies or diagnostic companies have buletins you can
get for free detailing how to optimize your assay
Good Luck!!!

Christiane Devaux wrote in message
<38995EA8.429D399 at>...
>Hello, I would like to clean my results in an ELISA test (decrease the
>background). Is BSA better than milk for  saturation ?
>Thanks for your answer.

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