Immunohistochemistry of cytokines

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Tue Feb 8 21:02:22 EST 2000

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> Have you tried damping the background signal with albumin?  If that doesn't
> work why not try a modified tunnel assay = ISEL (In Situ-Nick end
> labeling).  If strepavidin is your amplifyer, what concentration of biotin
> are you using if any. You might want to tweek the
> concentrations...Immunohistochem is an art form more than it is a
> science...we learn the hard way.
> > I am trying to do an brain immunohistochemistry of MCP1 citokine on
> > cryostat brain slides using Cy3 conjugated streptavidin, but it does not
> > give well, the slide control without primary antibody is very similar to
> > slide treated with antibody. Whath do to do????
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