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1) Chemical cocktail.  most target the viruses ability to replicate but there are
now new drugs that will stop the virus from infecting the cell (trimeras, co)
science news, 2000.  There has also been a study done in san francisco that open
prophlaxtic treatment to anyone who thought they might have had a sexual encounter
w/in 12-24 hrs.  Pt's were given the standard 3 chemical cocktail.

2)Common drugs are efficient enough until the virus mutates and becomes resistant.

3) Available anywhere on the web  (see abott laboratories)

4) Kaposi sarcoma (connective tissue cancer possibly induced by pathogen?)
    Leukoplakia, Cytomegalovirus induce retinopathy, Psoraisis, Srjogrsen
    syndrome,  Cachexmia(muscle wasting), Rumatoid aArthritis...many more
Robert Tschiemer wrote:

> Hello,
> I am a high school student from Switzerland. I am passing a practical training
> in biology as a part of the curriculum during my last year at the school. I am
> currently writing a term paper about HIV and AIDS, which is part of that
> practical training. As for my studies I need to get some information on
> current research regarding HIV and AIDS.
> I would appreciate it if someone responded to some or all of the following
> questions:
> Question #1: What methods of medical treatment do exist? (e.g. prophylactic
> measures, treatment using different drugs at the same time)
> Question #2: How efficient are common drugs and ways of treatment?
> Question #3: Can you name some drugs and give a short description of their
> purpose (e.g. inhibition of reverse transcriptase)?
> Question #4: Can you name some diseases that may occur in connection to
> an infection by the HIV? What is the reason of their occurrence?
> Question #5: How high would you estimate the chance of survival of a patient,
> relating to his age, sex and the duration of the infection by HIV?
> Question #6: How does one prove HIV infection?
> Question #7: What is the procedure of doing research on new vaccines and
> drugs against HIV?
> Question #8: What are your future prospects regarding research and treatment
> of HIV and AIDS?
> Question #9 (optional): Can you give your name and a short summary of your
> work? (For the purpose of reference)
> Please post your responses online or send them via email to:
> rtschiemer at
> Thank you very much for your support!
> Best regards,
> Robert Tschiemer
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