Macrophage or Dendritic cells and how to detach them

Hatem zayed hatemza at
Thu Feb 10 09:40:45 EST 2000

Hi list,

After I cultured the bone marrow cells, I have stimulated them with
GM-CSF and M-CSF and they were adherent, I am saying that the adherent
cells are macrophage but when I change the culture to a new one, there
are some cells which are pretty vital and bright,  they are not adherent
in the case of GM-CSF stimulated wells, which it is not the case in
M-CSF,  and I am suspecious about being these cells Dentritic cells, not
macrophage, if I am mistaken please correct me, will you?, I have
another idea; which it is:  getting these cells detached from the
plastic surface of the wells and do differantial staining to know the
identity of these cells, is someone know how to get these cells detached
from the wells without affecting the cellular markers?  I tried trypsin
and  did not work with me?

I will strongly appreciate any help,
Thanks in advance

Hatem Zayed

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