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> Well I wonder if perhaps we only bother to respond to 'Dangerous'
> antibodies?


Again, by my yardstick, you are in the quagmire conviction that
ANTIGENs are classified into dangerous, safe, self, non-self. It
suggest that is a good example of how constant brain washing fixes
ideas. The antigens are only classified, ON THEIR CURRENT ENCOUNTER,
into whether they were taken up by APCs responding to an ordered milieu
(tolerance preferred) or a disordered milieu (aggression preferred).
This CURRENT response will decay (particularly for cell mediated immune
responses) unless something conspires to keep it going (the mess or
disorder keeps coming). Anamnesis is largely about giving inflammation
a memory and getting it to get down to the task more quickly and more
aggressively next time. All we have to do is define order and disorder.
Intact cells communicating appropriately with their neighbours is a
safe start for order. Disorder is covered in my reply earlier.

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