alum adjuvant

William Brumbach madmax at
Fri Feb 11 18:41:57 EST 2000

I am a hospital pharmacist and we use alum from time to time (twice in the
last year actually), I believe as a irrigant, I can't recall off the top of
my head.  We have it in bulk plastic bottles.  I can find out the
manufacturer tomorrow night but the purchasing agent won't be in until
Sunday or Monday, and I don't know where we get it from.


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> Hi!
> I am in search of alum (aluminum hydroxide  or alhydrogel)
> as
> an alternative adjuvant to Freunds. I can't seem to find any
> companies/distributors of it in North America. I know it
> must
> be available because it is the preferred adjuvant in human
> vaccinations.
> Any comments would be welcome.
> many thanks,
> v
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