PubMed to force use of Javascript

Russell Farris tryggvi at
Tue Feb 15 23:21:11 EST 2000

L.Alten berg, delete SPAM <SPaltenberAM at> wrote ...
> As of March, PubMed will force all researchers to use its new
> Javascript-required format, . . . .
> This change is occurring just when the CERT Coordination Center issued an
> advisory  (February 2, 2000) about the serious security holes that are
> by Javascript ( ). . . .
> Therefore, I ask people to please send a note to PubMed,
> pubmednew at , or
> custq at,  and also cc: to
> sensen09 at
> (Rep. F. James Sensenbrenner, Jr. (WI), Chair of the House Science
> Committee),
> requesting that they continue maintaining their
> non-Javascript format for PubMed access.

I pointed out a number of problems with the design of the new pubmed in
recent posts, and now Dr. Altenberg has pointed out some potentially
dangerous weaknesses of the new system. If you use PubMed, you have exactly
two weeks to save it. Please write to PubMed, Congressman Sensenbrenner, or
your own Congressperson. I don't expect much from the Government, but new
systems shouldn't be worse than the ones they replace.

Russ Farris

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