THE FAUCI FILES, 3( 27): AZT Cardiomyopathy (Heart Muscle Wasting)

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Fri Feb 25 13:24:12 EST 2000

THE FAUCI FILES, 3( 27): AZT Cardiomyopathy (Heart Muscle Wasting)
February 25, 2000

While Dr. Anthony "Mussolini" Fauci spent the past two decades 
covering up the lethal damage done by AZT (Zidovudine), the rest
of his doctor-colleagues conveniently "forgot" that the heart
was a muscle. Until only a few years ago, the doctors were blaming
AZT-caused heart disease on the virus itself, claiming that HIV
had somehow acquired a talent for directly attacking the heart.

Here's the latest in a long list of research that demonstrates the
degenerate nature of this extremely toxic and life-truncating drug,

Isn't it interesting how the drug industry sellouts, the HIV 
"drugs into bodies" treatment fascists, continue to "miss" these 
startling and life-destroying facts while promoting the
outrageous lies that cancer drugs bring health and long life
to those afflicted by disease of immune suppression?

Crooked Murdering Bastards!


Zidovudine causes cardiomyopathy in animal model  
WESTPORT, Feb 24 (Reuters Health) - A multicenter group reports that 
zidovudine (AZT) treatment causes cardiac dysfunction in HIV-1 
transgenic mice. Specifically, they observed that AZT "worsens molecular
and ultrastructural features of cardiomyopathy." 
The findings from this animal study suggest that both HIV-1 infection 
and AZT treatment contribute to the development of cardiomyopathy, the 
researchers say. However, only AZT contributes to the structural and 
functional changes of mitochondrial cardiomyopathy. 
To investigate the mechanisms of AIDS cardiomyopathy, Dr. William Lewis,
of Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta, Georgia, and 
colleagues evaluated the effects of AZT in a transgenic mouse model (six
animals) and in wild-type mice (six animals). 
The transgenic mice expressed HIV-1 that was rendered replication- 
incompetent by an internal deletion of the gag/pol coding sequence. The 
two groups of mice received water ad libitum with or without AZT for 21 
or 35 days. 
The transgenic mice construct without AZT treatment was associated with 
cardiac dysfunction, the research team reports in the February issue of 
Laboratory Investigation. AZT treatment also caused structural and 
functional changes in wild-type mice. 
In the transgenic mice, AZT treatment furthermore "amplified cardiac 
dysfunction and worsened ultrastructural features of AIDS 
"Physiological changes in contraction and relaxation were found in 
AZT-treated and untreated [transgenic mice]," Dr. Lewis and colleagues 
report. They also noted alternations in cardiac relaxation in the 
wild-type mice treated with AZT. 
Pathological changes occurred in the hearts of all the animals following
35 days of AZT treatment. Cardiomegaly, which correlated with increased 
left ventricular cavity size, was observed in transgenic mice after AZT 
The hearts of both groups of mice developed the mitochondria 
ultrastructural changes that characterize AZT cardiomyopathy, but the 
damage was more intense in the transgenic mice. "Based on the 
ultrastructural findings," the investigators conclude that "the HIV-1 
transgene and AZT acted cooperatively to worsen mitochondrial damage." 
Lab Invest 2000;80:187-197. 

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