How to remove bovine immunoglobulins?

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Fri Feb 25 18:57:50 EST 2000

We offer a product, recombinant protein L agarose, which can completely
discriminate between bovine and mouse IgG. Please visit our website or call
for additional product information.

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> Hello friends,
> I am using 5-10% of Fetal bovine serum containing medium to culture my B-
> cell hybridomas. While purifying the culture supernatants using Protein G
> column (Gama bind plus), I am facing the problem of bovine
> immunoglobulins copurifying with my monoclonal antibodies. How to remove
> the bovine immunoglobulins contamination from my purified monoclonal
> antibodies? Is there any company marketing affigel columns with anti-
> bovine immunoglobulins? or is there any alternative methods available?
> Now I have started using either protein A passed FBS or Ultra low bovine
> immunoglobulin containing sera for the culture medium to circumvent this
> problem. Any help in this regard will be useful. Thanks in advance for
> your suggestions.
> regards,
> K.S.Nandakumar
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