Differentially expressed molecules on activated DC?

yiqiang wang yiqiangwang99 at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 12 20:21:29 EST 2000

Dear colleagues:

Is there anybody knows about any molecules that are differentially expressed 
by activated dendritic cells? These molecules can be shared by different 
cell lineages. As to DC lineage, they should only be expressed in DCs that 
have been activated by antigen pulsing, but not expressed in "naive" DCs 
that have never met antigens. If you know about such molecules, please 
kindly informe me. A step further, if you happen to have cloned such 
molecules (no matter if data have been published), maybe we can collaborate 
to do some project using them.

Thanks in advance for consideration.

Yiqiang Wang
yiqiangwang99 at hotmail.com
Department of Internal Medicine
EMRB 540
University of Iowa
Iowa city, IA 52242

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