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New Millenium facts about false news and consequences. About
architectural misconduct and its later reconstruction as a more
righteous sect in art community. While much old news lingers, it is up
to us as informers to bring the situation to light.
 It was comically discovered in 1997 that hiv really was a vegetative
reason for accepting automation and servomechanism as an ambient
mastermind aspect while dreaming of astral projection and study without
interuption. Even the word HIV describes something of a positive alien
nature as insectoids were starting to colonize within terrestrial
worlds, with hyper design and exquisite form. The state of the art in
some minds were influenced by this phenomena. The "escher" type
bioproducts were actually seen to fit into the plan of the artist
himself, who is repected as a brilliant graphic designer. In the AD year
1993, it was utilized by those having to listen to all the repetitive
media  nonsense of weakness, and hence the running man synthesesia. Not
the only source for running man energies, these concepts remain until
this day,  a relief to all those who found that the media flaw was a
product of intelligence outside educational products. Although the
activists within the synthesesia did not directly cause the media
crisis, the  obstacles that were presented were actually found to have
been and distorted as a bad news.
 So, up to this point, Running man had karmic intelligence circuit
through media hype, had gained the attention of some artist who were in
the middle of these bad transmits, and their comic relief was
invaluable. Many found this a very good reason to express their
immortality, with brave new explorations within pop art and psychology.
During the same time, there was an underground revolution within the
culture of modern man to witness the insectoid techno transmission where
the concepts of space and time became a valuable ground for interstellar
peace if even mainly for adventure potential. Even the running men found
it comical that aids was actually being used to describe the help that
these "advanced cultures of clockwork peace" could offer through in

                     Joseph Clarke  

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