Susanne Rohrer srohrerNOSPAM at immv.unizh.ch
Sat Jan 15 08:49:48 EST 2000

"Chong Wai Yin( Zhang Weixian)" wrote:

> Hi, is anyone familiar with a commercial kit for detecting MRSA? It goes by
> the name of E-Test from AB Biodisk. Can anyone tell me the cost of this
> E-test or which is distributing it in South East Asia or Singapore?

E-test is a very easy test to find out the minimal inhibitory concentration of
an antibiotic for your favorite bug.

It's basically a strip with a gradient of your antibiotic applied, which is
laid onto a plate which has been streaked with a standardized suspension of
bacteria (MacFarland 0.5 for staph aureus). Culture at 35°C. next morning, you
read the concentration off the strip as the inhibition zone stops right at the
MIC. So you would buy the Methicillin test strips - They may come in high- and

In Switzerland, they are maybe around 10SFr a piece - no idea what they cost
elsewhere, but you get them in packs of like 6x10 or so.

good luck


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