lamb L.A.M.Buisman at cable.A2000.nl
Sun Jan 16 11:25:08 EST 2000

Chong Wai Yin( Zhang Weixian) wrote:

> Hi, is anyone familiar with a commercial kit for detecting MRSA? It goes by
> the name of E-Test from AB Biodisk. Can anyone tell me the cost of this
> E-test or which is distributing it in South East Asia or Singapore?
> Another thing is, is there a way that one can chelate away citrate? Eg Ca++?
> Thanks for helping me out.

The E-test does not detect MRSA in clinical specimens, if that is what you are
looking for. You need to isolate suspect colonies first. The same for the
Becton&Dickinson test and other commercial tests on the market. Confirmation by
sensitivity testing, by E-test or whatever else is still necessary.


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