Avoiding the flu

Kristofer D. Dale barefoot at nmia.com
Sun Jan 16 13:50:48 EST 2000

: You can probably better avoid coming down with the flu by associating with 
: healthy
: people who have completely recovered from the flu than by getting the weak flu
: vaccination.  The antibodies produced from the actual flu are much stronger 
: than
: those from the present vaccine.  In fact, for someone with a strong immune 
: system,
: the flu vaccine may weaken their response to the actual virus.  Perhap, a 
: different
: approach might be taken.  Vaccinate individuals with strong immune systems 
: The relatively poor showing of this year's flu shots suggests some rethinking.

I give you credit for creativity, but you want to serve the exceptional
up on a silver platter for the common good! Instead of further enslaving
people burdened with the profound mediocrity of the times, why not work
to educate "the masses" and put responsibility for having "a strong
immune system" on the individual, where it belongs. Current research has
shown that the immune system has basic nutritional requirements, and
clearly defined vulnerabilities. Assembly-line medecine is
antithetical to this reality, and people who go that route see a steady
deterioration of their health and vitality. The right to choose is a
basic tenet of American life, and this must apply in the arena of health
care, as it is euphemistically referred to these days. I exercise my
right to choose by assiduosly avoiding doctors and pharmacists, who have
by and large demonstrated their profound ignorance of the major leaps
that have been made in biochemistry. Modern humankind has proven as well
that it is not immune to the foibles of its own nature, and the
sheeplike behavior of patients suffering auto-immune and hormonal
disorders has spawned the blatantly irresponsible waste of human and
natural resources that dominate urban cultures. For those reading this
who can still arrive at four when they put two and two together, I
invite you to jumpstart for the coming millennium with the following
reading, provided freely by a non-profit organization dedicated to
developing viable and sustainable approaches to the problem of
degenerative disease, educating concerned world citizens, and
disseminating cutting edge research in the professional community:


                                           Kristofer Dale,
                                           ragged individualist,
                                           statistic at large...

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