cytokine induction by HCV peptides

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Tue Jan 18 20:01:01 EST 2000

"Alberto Bergamini" <bergamini at Med.uniroma2.it> wrote in message
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> Could anyone tell me which of the following HCV peptides are able to
> induce cytokine production in in vitro cultured PBMC from patients with
> chronic hepatitis C? Also, does anyone know how long the stimulation
> period should be , using cytofluorimetric analysis as the detection
> method?
> Peptides:
> 1) core, aa. 19-25
> 2) core, aa. 107-174
> 3) E2, aa.484-499
> 4) NS4, aa. 1658-1863.
> Thank you in advance
> Alberto Bergamini, M.D.
> Dept of Public Health
> University of Rome
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You want to detect cytokine production by using cytofluorimetric assay?  It
seems to be difficult.

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