I would like to study biology but....

Dr P. Brennan brennanp at cf.ac.uk
Tue Jan 18 06:07:11 EST 2000

    It is possible to have a career in Immunology without experiments on 
live animals. Biochemical immunology, ie focussing at the molecular level,
and some areas of immunogenetics involve many experiments that do not
require experiments on animals. However it seems unlikely that you will be
able to avoid others in your field/institute or even lab doing experiments
on animals. Don't be discouraged.
    It is possible that your work will require samples from humans or other
animals but using this material is different to doing experiments on live
Good luck
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In article <85t5qm$7o3$1 at news.netvision.net.il>, "Delilah (Ayelet D.
Sheffy)" <dvora_16 at netvision.net.il> wrote:

> i am very interested in biology, especially in immunology but the thing that
> concern me about it is the experiments on animals.
> i don't want to get into this thing, but i just wanted to know if there's a
> way i can study and succeed in biology without doing or even watching these
> experiments...
> can you answer me?

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