THE FAUCI FILES, Vol 3(17): Welcome Back Larry Kramer, You've Been Missed !

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Sun Jan 23 15:46:49 EST 2000

THE FAUCI FILES, Vol 3(17): Welcome Back Larry Kramer, You've Been
Missed !

January 21, 2000

Dear Larry,

Welcome back. You've been missed. I won't waste your valuable
time reciting the events of the "Riot at the Hyatt" to
remind you of where you've been for the past few years,
but something tells me that, at least in your mind, you've
already sent back your "thank you" Award back to Project Inform, 
thanking Martin Delaney and his HIV cocktail fascist followers
for their manipulative pro-industry role in wiping out
yet ANOTHER generation of gay men.

Larry, while you are fully aware that the HIV vaccine is little
more than a joke, you don't seem to be aware of its dark side.
When you learn of the present-day HIV gp120 vaccine HOAX by the
murderous monsters: Anthony "Mussolini" Fauci, Dr. David "One Year
Mathematical Cure" Ho, and Vaxgen's president Dr. Donald "Dr. Death" 
Francis, it should dawn on you that yet ANOTHER generation of gay 
men, this time with blacks, browns and others, is currently facing 
destruction by the NIH, FDA, CDC and the rest of the drug industry 
pigs as they waddle up and stick their greedy snouts in the drug 
industry kickback trough. This time, however, their lethal circus 
of death is going global. The gp120 vaccine INCREASES the chances
of infection upon exposure and, for those infected, promises a
highly accelerated disease with a swift end. Surprised? Don't be.

While I shall detail and prove the crimes of these monsters 
in THE FAUCI FILES, I must take this opportunity to thank 
you for blowing the whistle, or at least trying, as only you 
can do. It is thus once again time to be loud, profane and 
obnoxious. That is what They seem to understand -- that is 
what They fear most, especially in an election year. If we 
cannot stop their holocaust this time, we are all in very 
big trouble, this time on a global scale. Given the mass
apathy and sudden plunge in the collective IQ, perhaps the
herd is sitting quietly waiting to be thinned anyway. In
any event, the future shall thus be quite interesting

Welcome back, Larry. You've been missed.

W. Fred Shaw

The following are key excerpts of an interview with
Larry Kramer on January 7, 2000. The full transcript can
be found at:

web site: http://my.webmd.com/transcripts

AIDS Decade in Review With Larry Kramer, Richard Marlink, MD, 
and Pernessa Seele

January 7, 2000

Larry Kramer said:

   "We're finding out, for instance, that 50 percent of people 
    who take certain drugs die from liver disease rather than 
    AIDS, because the drugs are so harsh on the liver..."

   "Norvir has now been discovered to cause liver cancer in so 
    many of the people who take it."

   "I said to a friend of mine, David Sanford, who's 
    editor of the Wall Street Journal, who has AIDS, and who 
    just feels so awful from all of these drugs, and I said 
    'why don't you get out there and say I feel awful from 
    all these drugs?' And he said "well, because I'm alive." 

   "... they want us dead. I wish people in the affected 
    communities would realize that, that most of our enemies 
    who are in control of the money, the government, the press, 
    the churches, whatever -- you name it. They don't care if 
    black people, and faggots, and junkies, and people who 
    they don't care (about) die. They certainly don't care 
    about Africa and the rest of the world."

   "I want to say that unfortunately, most of the activists, 
    the AIDS activists who speak for us now are so in the pockets 
    of the bureaucracy of the drug companies that they have 
    become almost fascist in ramming down their treatment 
    notions down the rest of us."

   "these idiots in TAG, who are telling people that these 
    are the drugs they should take."

   "The research that is done today is pretty much dictated by 
    a small handful of pea brains called Treatment Action Group
    (TAG) which has a stranglehold on what is researched, what 
    the drug companies release, how it's tested, and that is the 
    guidelines that all of us are told to take all of this 
    poison -- more and more of it -- that all comes out of a 
    handful of people, mainly because the rest of us aren't out 
    there fighting, forcing -- the power is in numbers, not 
    just in a few of us."

   "... the proteases, the cocktails simply are not working in 
    a larger and larger percentage of people, and that these 
    new drugs that are coming out right, left, and center have 
    such horrendous side effects that people simply are 
    beginning to refuse to take them."

   "... the passivity (of people) has become terribly, terribly 
    dangerous. I think in America we somehow feel that it (AIDS) 
    has gone away because of very wrong-headed articles in the 
    New York Times Magazine and by people like Andrew Sullivan 
    saying AIDS has gone away, and we've now discovered, very 
    much so that it hasn't, and that these drugs that everybody 
    said were going to cure us, aren't going to cure us." 

   "... it's unconscionable for a company like DuPont to put out a 
    drug like Sustiva, which has side effects that are so 
    overwhelmingly awful that my doctor here at NYU says 
    that 50 percent of his patients can't tolerate it, and 
    that's a new drug... You should read the list of side 
    effects that Sustiva causes in people, that they even 
    print in their ads. This is a third -- a second or third 
    generation drug. 

   "I begged Dr. Fauci at the NIH and he said he would follow 
    through -- that we really must start putting pressure on the 
    pharmaceutical companies to make us drugs that don't have 
    such horrible side effects. A third generation drug should 
    not be harder to take than a first generation drug, I'm sorry. 
    I'm really passionate about all this. And more and more people 
    I know are refusing to take drugs at all, which is very interesting.
    They'd rather just not feel that sick." 

   "If everybody would stop taking their drugs, then they wouldn't 
    be making the billions that they make if they put out a new drug." 

   "It's murder. It's murder. We are murdering the rest of the world. 
    We paid for these drugs to be developed and we have to pay 
    through the nose for them ourselves."

   "...if we're going to be the guinea pigs for these drugs for the 
    rest of the  world, which we're more than willing to be, 
    somehow we have got to find a way to make these drugs cheaper 
    and simpler while we test them to see if they're safe so they 
    can then be sent overseas. That's basic. We've learned a lot 
    from these drugs, but what we're learning now is that what we 
    have to send overseas is, quite frankly, so awful that we can't 
    send them overseas."

   "And the other thing that nobody pays any attention to is that 
    we simply do not have any sufficient data to know which of these 
    drugs work and in which combination. The drug company makes the 
    drug, unleashes it on the world, goes on to merrily develop 
    another poison without continuing to test the stuff that's 
    out there."

   "We've got solutions. Never stop complaining, I'm sorry, 
    you've got to let the world know when you've got something 
    to gripe about. I'm sorry. The squeaky wheel gets the most 
    grease, and anybody who says otherwise is a fool."

   "You have to get up every morning, every day, and say 
    'what am I gonna do today to fight for this -- for 
    my cause.' That's what activism is about. You cannot 
    take a vacation one day at all. You cannot take a Sunday off. 
    You cannot take a Saturday off. It is never ending and it is 
    exhausting, and no sooner do you think you've got something 
    then it all evaporates in your hands. But you cannot stop, 
    and people are simply not prepared to make that commitment, 
    especially at a time -- for most people -- of economic 

   "... we also had an amazing man running the FDA on 
    the tobacco thing, called David Kessler, who went after 
    the tobacco industry tooth and tongue to make this issue 
    finally come to a head. But we don't have that person 
    working for AIDS in the government."

   "... I haven't heard any rumors of solutions. All I 
    see are actual facts that it's getting worse -- that 
    everything is worse and worse, and that the drugs aren't 
    working, and that people are getting sick from 
    the medicine, and that people are beginning to die again.
    Who's the dreamer who's hearing these rumors?"

   "How are you supposed to take those (combination therapies"? 
    If after only two years, the combination therapies are 
    beginning to make people so sick and kill them, how are you 
    supposed to take them for the rest of your life? Get real."

   "So every time you read in the paper "oh, this new 
    wonderful thing has been discovered at such and such 
    a place, and it's been tried out in mice," and the next 
    thing you know, they try it out on a person. By the  
    time it's tried out on a person, usually as time has
    passed, it doesn't work anymore anyway."

   "... we haven't got the forces ... the gay community was
    going to have a march on Washington and the gay community 
    itself self-destructed the march, so we (could not)
    even (have) had the march on Washington. Where are all 
    the black people? Why aren't they in revolt? Where is Africa? 
    Where is the uprising? That's the only thing that people pay 
    attention to. For a few years, we had ACT UP destroying St. 
    Patrick's, getting all kinds of arrests, and out there really 
    fighting. That's when we made progress changing things. And 
    when you become passive like we all are now, we get nothing."

   "... something has happened now that has (destroyed) the 
    (activist) movement ... I can't get 20 people to go picket DuPont 
    for putting this poison drug, Sustiva, on the market, or going to 
    Abbott for putting on Norvir which has now been discovered to 
    cause liver cancer in so many of the people who take it. 
    I mean, we should be chaining ourselves to these drug companies..."

   "Event Moderator: This one is: How important is the search for 
    a vaccine? 
    Mr. Kramer: Oh, please. Could we go to the next question?"

   "Event Moderator: What's the good news? Is there any? 
    Mr. Kramer: No.
    The person who asked that question wants us to say 
    yes, so that they can go and go on their merry way and 
    not have to do anything, not have to fight, not have to 
    write a check, not have to make a phone call. And that's 
    the problem with all of this. Everybody looks for faint 
    hope in these crappy drugs that are out there thinking 
    that they're going to get people through. What we're saying 
    today is they're not, and there isn't any good news, and 
    you've got to be scared again. And it's only fear that's 
    going to get people off their duff."

   "Why isn't everybody throwing bombs at Glaxo Wellcome, 
    the manufacturer of AZT, a drug that was financed, 
    again, entirely by American taxpayer money? And Glaxo 
    charges a fortune for it and refuses to sell it to the 
    third world of anything remotely resembling a price that 
    they can afford."

   "One of my medicines just came in, and it's gone up 
    to $1200 for a two-month supply. Isn't that unbelievable, 
    that my insurance company is going to pay for that? 
    And 35-40 million people don't have insurance?"

   "What do you think of what Dr. Stephen Miles at UCLA 
    has been saying, that we're on the wrong course and 
    that the viral load is really not the important thing 
    to be spending all of our time trying to control, that 
    it's the immune system, it's the T-cells that have got 
    to be protected, and that all of these drugs that we're 
    taking _ we're going down the wrong road? It won't be 
    the first time, but that is really terrifying."


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