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January  24, 2000


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Well stock fans, it doesn't get any better than what we are
witnessing right now in this sizzling stock market.

We would like to introduce you to National Law Library
( OTC BB: ELAW ).  Recently their stock price and volume has
increased.  Read on and your will see why we think that this is a
company on the move.   Please read our disclaimer at the bottom of
this News Launch.


THIS WEEK'S PICK: National Law Library (OTC: BB ELAW )

National Law Library (OTC: BB ELAW )

OUTSTANDING: 23,600,000
FLOAT: 1,800,000



National Law Library (ELAW) is an on-line virtual law library service
allows lawyers and judges fast, easy and portable access to
regulations,statutes, and case law.  By utilizing ELAW’s
patented LITIDEX searchengine legal professionals can access
needed information and research faster, easier, and less
expensively than ever before.

Typically ELAW charges $35-$50 per month for their service.  This
is a tiny fraction of what the major competitors charge for similar
services.  ELAW can provide superior performance at much lower
prices because they are a true “virtual service”.  They have
no publishing or CD ROM production expenses.  The company also
delivers only the facts.  No legal opinions are offered thereby
eliminating legal expense and the associated liability.  ELAW is
currently operating in 43 states including New York and should be
in all 50 states this quarter.  That is up from 6 states of November

=>=>=> MOMENTUM IS RISING:  Lois Law (LOIS) is a similar
company and it has 20.9 million outstanding shares and 4 million in
float.  LOIS has had a huge stock run-up in price the last month.
Current price: $30

ELAW is currently performing above its 10-day moving average
line, indicating short-term momentum.  A positive divergence from
this point of reference indicates an uptrend. If the stock is below its
50 or 200-day moving average lines, but above its 10-day line, it is
a good sign for short-term strength that further signals increasing
momentum. If this positive divergence occurs on heavy relative
volume, then a trend reversal could be underway so watch for
continued upside momentum.

At Stock Pick Of The Month we feel ELAW is ready to make a run!


The company anticipates second year sales of $15,000,000 and net
earnings of over $7,000,000.  The company is fully reporting and is
debt free.

=>=>=>  MARKET SUMMARY:   The market for legal research is
huge and growing.  There are almost 1,000,000 lawyers in the U.S.
Today with about 40,000 new lawyers entering the job market each
year.   Civil litigation has increased 28% since 1984 and criminal
litigation has increased a staggering 55% over the same period. The
need for access to accurate, up-to-date information is more acute
today than ever before.  Conservative estimates for the on-line legal
information is estimated to be about 1.8 billion in 1998 growing to
2.7 billion by 2002.  There are currently approximately 12-15
companies providing on-line services with Westlaw R and Lexis R
being the largest.
By providing information faster and less expensively, ELAW is
poised to be a major player in this lucrative market.

=>=>=> COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES:   National Law Library has
several key competitive advantages over the current and future
competition.  the Litidex Search Engine: This proprietary, patented
search engine gives ELAW a huge advantage over the competition.
It would cost a start up company several million dollars and 2-3
years to develop a similar search engine.

=>=>=> NO DEBT:   National Law Library is debt free and has
already spent the bulk of the research & development costs.

=>=>=> EASE OF USE:   ELAW’s service requires no
software downloads or CD ROMS.  This makes their information
available from any computer by just entering your password.

=>=>=> PRICE:   ELAW charges $34.95 - $49.95 per month.
Competitors charge from $200 - $10,000 plus per month?  ELAW
has no download fees or per use charges.  ELAW also requires no
long term contracts and they offer Twenty-four Hour on-line
technical support.

has made some significant additions to it's board of directors which
are as follows:

W. Paul Thayer, former Deputy Secretary of Defense under the
Reagan Administration.  Mr Thayer is also a retired NASA astronaut
and former chairman of Ling-Temco-Vought where he increased
annual sales from 195MM to 800MM (million).  He was also
Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce of the United States. Mr
Thayer received the Distinguished Flying Cross and two
presidential citations while in the Navy.

Capt. Eugene A. Cernan, USN Retired.  Current Chairman of
Johnson Engineering Corp. and a Former NASA astronaut.  While
with NASA Capt Cernan flew several Gemini and Apollo missions.
He was the last astronaut to walk on the moon as commander of
the Apollo XVII mission.

George A. Roberts,  former chairman of Teledyne Corporation and
the first president of the Metal Powder Industries Federation.

=>=>=> CONCLUSION:   National Law Library is poised for
substantial growth.  As in other industries companies that provide
superior service at better prices generally flourish.  National Law
Library has definitive technical, marketing management and cost
advantage that should result in ELAW becoming a dominant
company in the on-line information resource market.

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