SV: I would like to study biology but....

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Thu Jan 27 10:08:06 EST 2000

Much of biological or medical knowledge comes from experiments with animals,
so you will have to build on such knowledge and will not be able to stay
clear of animal experiments completely. However, you yourself can work on
the cellular or molecular level and will not have to perfom animal
experiments. Not wanting to do that will limit you somewhat in your career
choices, but not severely. Most likely, though, you will have to work in
cooperation with people that perform animal experiments. For instance, you
research how a protein in rats behaves during disease. Someone will have to
give you rat organs so you can extract the protein. This is quite common
since no one can do everything by herself. During your education, you should
be allowed to not participate in animal experiments, ask the responsible
persons if this is alright (which it should be). You will probably have to
dissect a bunch of animals, but that does not classify as animal


> Does not immunology especially  include animal experimets? Think about where
> the antibodies come from.
>> On Sun, 16 Jan 2000, Delilah (Ayelet D. Sheffy) wrote:
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>> > From: "Delilah (Ayelet D. Sheffy)" <dvora_16 at netvision.net.il>
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>> > Subject: I would like to study biology but....
>> >
>> > i am very interested in biology, especially in immunology but the thing
>> > concern me about it is the experiments on animals.
>> > i don't want to get into this thing, but i just wanted to know if there's a
>> > way i can study and succeed in biology without doing or even watching these
>> > experiments...
>> > can you answer me?
>> >
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