I would like to study biology but....

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Microbiology is a subject where it is possible to avoid the use of animals
especially if one concentrates on areas such as environmental microbiology
and traditional fermentations and food making.  Virology, however, would
need to be avoided (cell and tissue culture).  Food science is another
biological science that may be of interest - obviously you would need to
avoid meats.

I agree that in immunology it is difficult to avoid the use of animals in
the production of antibodies but can this be rationalised in some way.  For
example, growing antibodies involves vaccination of the animal and removal
of some blood from the animal at a later date.  For the rest of the time the
animal may live a relatively comfortable life!

Other areas of biology that may be of interest include ecology, botany and
many aspects of biochemistry.

Hope this helps.

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