translating immunology text

Stefanie Piel piel.stefanie at
Mon Jan 31 03:27:46 EST 2000

Hi out there,

I've got to translate a very specialized text GB-D about combination
pneumococcal conjugate vaccines. Can anyone help me finding the
following terms in German (website, emails etc.)?

combination pneumococcal conjugate vaccine
Vaccine presented in a lyophilized formulation
demonstration of a critical serum bactericidal antibody titer
serogroups are based on polysaccharid capsule composition
The meningococcal C conjugate vaccine induces serum bactericidal
antibody titer
vaccine regimens
bulk concentrate (concerning vaccines)
release test: formulated bulk
release test: final container (vaccine reconstituted with saline)
LAL (referring to release test for vaccines)
multiple test lots of vaccine
antibody values in EIA units
IND safety report

Thanks a lot for your help!!!

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