Experimental Diabetes Research

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Fri Jul 14 08:14:05 EST 2000

Submissions Invited

The editors of the International Journal of Experimental Diabetes Research
would like to invite 
submissions from researchers.
The journal publishes original research on physiology and pathobiology of
experimental diabetes mellitus 
and its complications. Submitted manuscripts can report any aspect of
laboratory, animal or in vitro 
research. Emphasis is placed on reports of pathogenesis of diabetes and its
complications, physiology 
and pathophysiology of pancreatic islet function and its intermediary
metabolism, mechanism of 
hormone and drug action. 

Papers may be sent to either of the co-editors in chief: 

Anders A.F. Sima    
Department of Pathology
Gordon H. Scott Hall
Wayne State University
540 East Canfield Avenue
Detroit, MI 48201, USA
E-mail: asima at med.wayne.edu

Eleazar Shafrir
Department of Biochemistry
Hadassah University Hospital
Jerusalem 91120, Israel
E-mail: shafrir at md2.huji.ac.il

Anyone interested may visit our website at 


or may call 1-800-545-8398 for a sample copy. 

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Co-ordinating Editor
Harwood Academic Publishers
PO Box 90, Reading, UK
Tel: +44 (0)118 952 0291
Fax: +44 (0)118 956 8211
E-mail: heather.slade at gbmis.gbhap.com


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