Experimental immunosuppression

Joe Chandler jchandler at mainebiotechnology.com
Fri Jul 14 11:24:01 EST 2000

Hi all,
We have performed a number of experiments where we have tried to
immunosuppress host mice with cyclophosphamide.  For the most part, these
trials have been unsuccessful.  We used cyclophosphamide as described in the
literature to immunosuppress mice after we have given them an immunizing
dose of an immunogen.  In our earlies trials, the mice died so we cut back
on our dosage.  When we were able to keep the mice alive long enough to give
them the second immunogen, they still responded to the first.  For example,
we tried to suppress the response of mice to human Ig (by treating then with
cyclophosphamide at the same time) so that when we immunized them later with
a primate Ig, the mice would only recognize the primate Ig epitopes.  The
mice still generated an anti-human Ig response.  Is this not working because
the two immunogens are too closely related?  Any thoughts on this would be
greatly appreciated.

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