Anti IL4 production?

Nanci E Donacki nancieed at
Mon Jul 17 05:16:46 EST 2000

Most hybridoma cell lines can be adapted to grow in serum-free medium,
although some cell lines do better in some medium than others.  I would
recommend that you try several of them, since cell adaptability varies.
Some good choices are BioWhittaker's Ultradoma, Sigma Serum-free/protein
free, LTI's new hybridoma medium.  You can look at which ones work best for
your particular cell line by just splitting into the new medium for at least
two passages and seeing how they do.  Once you determine which one is best,
you should go through the usual adaptation process by weaning off of the
serum for long term results.

vidley1 <vidley1 at> wrote in message
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> Hi. I'm an immunology novice. Does anyone know if the ATCC hybridoma
> MP4.25D2.11 can be cultured in a serum free media like ex-vivo? The
> recommendation is with RPMI with 10% Fetal Bovine Serum and etc. I'd like
> use the supernatant w/o having to purify the serum.
> Thanks.
> jh

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