C1q purification and depleted serum

CARLOS ALEXANDRE SANCHEZ FERREIRA - 218 sanchezf at dna.cbiot.ufrgs.br
Mon Jul 24 16:15:22 EST 2000


	I need to get C1q and C1q depleted serum. Does anyone have 
experience with affinity (IgG/Fc) or other purification procedures to get 
pure C1q and the depleted serum? And if there is any trouble to use them 
in experiments based in erythrocyte hemolysis!?

	Thank you,

		Carlos Alexandre
Carlos Alexandre Sanchez Ferreira
Centro de Biotecnologia - Laboratorio 201
Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul
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Porto Alegre - RS - Brasil 
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e-mail: sanchezf at dna.cbiot.ufrgs.br


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