CD4,CCR5 double positive T-cell line

Brian Foley btf at
Tue Jul 25 16:34:29 EST 2000

Ranga Uday Kumar wrote:
> Dear netters,
>     Any one knows if there is a T-cell line that expresses 
> both CD4 and CCR5? Thank you for the help.

	Short answer: I was under the impression that
most T-cell lines express CD4 and CXCR4, and that macrophages
and other lines express CD4 and CCR5, but I could be wrong.

	I know that people have made cells which express
CD4 and CCR5 and not CXCR4, for purposes of findng ot which
co-receptor (CCR5 or CXCR4) a given isolate uses.  
I can't find such cell lines available from the AIDS
Reagent Repository:

	I think your best bet is to find authors who
have reported using such lines (search MedLine for
"Imunodeficiency and co-receptor and CCR5" for
example) and asking them where they got their cells.

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