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This is a letter of appeal to friends who believe in Veterans.  At the present time Military Retired Veterans that have been diagnosed as being afflicted with an injury or sickness that was caused by their service to their country are required to pay back dollar for dollar from their Retirement to the Department of Defense (DOD) an equal amount which is called a Waiver.  Military retirees are the only retirees that have this offset.  We are a small group of Military Retirees and friends that are just starting to have some influence in Washington.  We need members and Tax Free Donations to build and become an influential Body in Washington.  Please read the following Purpose, Goals and History.  At the end is an application to join our Group.

1.	Encourage and promote the improvement of the conditions of USDR members.

2.	Foster growth, development, self-respect and self-confidence by eliminating discrimination suffered by USDR members.

3.	Sponsor and promote programs to increase public awareness of issues and concerns regarding the Uniformed Services Disabled Retiree and the conditions resulting from their military service.

4.	Offer assistance to disabled and needy military retirees, their dependents and to the widows, widowers and orphans of deceased USDR members.

5.	Review, research, inform and publish on a regular basis any and all legislation and materials which may affect the social, economic, educational or physical welfare of our members and their families.

6.	Work with outside resources by volunteering our time to help and assist our members and their families when necessary.


*	Strive for legislation to get full concurrent receipt of Military Retirement Pay and Service Connected Disability Pay.

*	Obtain full health care coverage for the Military Retiree and their family without incurring additional costs or a reduction in health care benefits.

*	Create scholarship funds to be used for Uniformed Services Disabled Retirees and their families in order for them to pursue or continue their educational objectives.

*	Establish programs to assist spouses of deceased USDR members in order for them to make the transition from being a widow or widower to a more productive member of our society.
* Establish a fund to support special programs that will assist USDR members with carrying out their mission.


Uniformed Services Disabled Retirees (USDR) was started in November 1981 by six retired military individuals headed by Steve Wolonsky, MSGT-USA Ret.  They were members of the same Disabled Veterans of America chapter in New Mexico.  Each one donated $25.00 for start-up costs.  They submitted an application with Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws and were granted a charter from the State of New Mexico.  That same year, USDR received its not-for-profit, tax exempt status from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

These six individuals started USDR because a Military Retiree who became Service Connected Disabled could not receive his or her retirement benefits without having their disability pay deducted from their military retirement pay.

In 1984 USDR filed suit in the United States Court of Claims.  The ruling of the court went against USDR.  An appeal was made to the United States Appellate Court.  They, in turn, upheld the U.S. Court of Claims decision and denied the appeal.  A Petition of Certiorari was forwarded to the United States Supreme Court.  The Petition was refused by the Solicitor General.  Therefore, the U.S. Supreme Court never rendered a decision.  All subsequent efforts to have a decision rendered have been futile.

Veteran and Military organizations have joined the fight to reverse this unjust and discriminatory law.  The time must come when Military Retirees who were disabled in the line of duty will not have to pay for their own Service Connected Disability out of their Military Retirement Pay!  These are two entirely separate issues and must be administrated as such.  No other government employee is required to have their disability benefit taken out of their retirement pay.

USDR has grown from the original six members to thousands of members today.  This growth is due in part to our aggressive public relations and our help from other veteran organizations and military publications.

USDR will continue to fight for the Military Retirees and their families for quality health care as promised by our government, for survivor benefits, educational opportunities, rehabilitative and career counseling and nursing home care.

Please let your voice be heard and your vote count.  Become a member of USDR today and join thousands of other members who are working to change the conditions for our Military Retirees.

USDR (Dan Pettigrew)
PMB #1120
1929 18th Street NW
Washington, DC  20009

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Membership Dues: Yearly $15, Lifetime- Age 44 and under $350, Age 45-54 $275, Age 55 and up $200.

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