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Converting pmol/L to pg/mL?

Russ tryggvi at email.msn.com
Mon Jul 31 09:56:37 EST 2000

"Ian Davis" <Ian.Davis at ludwig.edu.au> wrote ...
> MW is about 21,000 daltons (unglycosylated), so 1 pmol/L = 21,000 pg/L =
> 21 pg/mL.

        Thanks, Ian. I'm assuming "MW" here means "IL-6 MW." How much would
the MW change if the IL-6 were glycosylated? The paper I'm trying to
decypher does not mention glycosylation.

> IL-1 MW = 17kDa.  TNF MW = 17kDa (secreted form, not membrane bound).

        How much difference would it make if it were membrane bound? For my
immediate purposes, a few percent won't matter.

> Next week, bring a note from your mother explaining why you missed those
> chemistry classes.

Dear Dr. Davis,
        Thank you for helping Little Russell make up his homework. I don't
know what I'm going to do with that boy! He spends years chasing submarines
and designing command and control systems, but do you think he will take
five minutes and clean up his room? He was probably down in Brazil again
tracking those darn astronauts when he missed his chemistry classes.
                                                Russ' Mom

        Seriously, I would like to find a table with some of these MW
values. Can you recommend a good reference book? I know that CRC published a
lot of great reference books for engineers, but biochemistry is a new field
for me.

Russ Farris

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