Heat shock proteins in Immune Response

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II International Conference
Heat shock proteins in Immune Response
Farmington, Connecticut, USA
October 8-12, 2000 

Topics to be discussed at the conference will include:
·       HSP-peptide complexes as vaccines against cancers and infectious
agents, including results from completed and ongoing clinical trials.
·       Structural insights into HSP-peptide interaction.
·       Evolution of immunological properties of HSPs.
·       Role of HSPs in antigen presentation by MHC molecules.
·       Role of HSPs in innate immunity.
·       HSPs as Immunomodulators and as targets of autoimmune response.

Confirmed speakers at the Conference are:  R. Amato (Houston), P.
Anderson (Boston), S. Basu (Farmington), R. Binder (Farmington),
Calderwood (Boston), R. DeSantis (Naploi), D. Forsdyke (Ontario), M.
Heike (Mainz), L. Hightower (Storrs), R. Kiessling (Stockholm), H. Kolb
(Dusseldorf), Z. Li (Farmington), A. Ménoret (Farmington), C. Nicchitta
(Durham), E. Repasky (Buffalo), S. Sastry (New York), N. Sato (Sapporo),
H. Schild (Tubingen), T. Spies (Seattle), J. Subjeck (Buffalo), H. Udono
(Nagasaki), W. van Eden (Utrecht), R. Vile (Rochester), A. von Bonin
(Hamburg), R. Young (Boston).

The deadline for registration and for submission of abstracts is July
15, 2000.  Student and post-doctoral travel grants will be awarded based
on the scientific quality of the submitted abstracts. This conference is
being sponsored by the Cell Stress Society, Antigenics Inc., Elan Corp.,
Immunex Corp.,and  Zeneca Corp.  For further information and details,
please contact:

Further information is available at our new web site: 

Antoine Menoret

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