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Bernd Wollscheid wollscheid at immunbio.mpg.de
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To all Labscientists,

€ Did someone recently leave your lab?

€ Can´t find things anymore?

€ Have you lost the information about the contents of a tube or where it is

€ Are you sick of spending time searching in folders and labbooks or at
-20°C for a plasmid?

€ Are you and your co-workers wasting time and money to recreate what you
can¹t find anymore?

€  Change it ! 

Boxit is an easy to use FileMaker Pro relational database that helps
collect, store and organize
information about all your antibodies, cells, oligos, plasmids/hosts and
other biological samples.

No more guesswork for you and your co-workers about how to use your
molecular biology tools. Simply
store the information you gathered about your biological sample and where
you stored the tubes in the
provided templates.

You should not rely only on your labbook, memory or that somebody who
³knows² the information will still
be around. A simple and short database search will bring the information
right to your fingertips in a compact
printable format without wasting time and money.

A database for labprotocols and a database to order labsupplies, allowing
you to control costs, are also
included to organize your lab even better.

Boxit was successfully tested in several laboratories of the
Max-Planck-Institute for Immunobiology in
Freiburg, Germany. 

Get more information on Boxit and download your free trialversion of Boxit


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