Murine mAb against conserved epitope, possible ?

Troels Wind wind at biobase.dk
Tue Jun 13 06:17:58 EST 2000

Hi all,

I just finished mapping, via alanine-scanning, the epitopes recognised by a
few murine monoclonals raised against a human protein. To my surprise, I
find that the functional epitopes for these antibodies, i.e. those residues
in the antigen that when mutated to alanine reduces the affinity more than
3-fold,  are conserved between the human and the murine version of the

One explanation would be that residues close to the epitope, that are not
conserved, 'covers' the epitope in the mouse antigen but not in the human

Could this be the case and have any of you heard of similar observations ?

I do not know yet if the antibodies actually binds the mouse antigen, but it
will be tested soon.

Thank you in advance,

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