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Fri Jun 16 13:06:10 EST 2000

In article <393FB4BF.13FF39B4 at genitope.com>,
  naomi at genitope.com wrote:
> I'm currently using Molecular Device's SoftmaxPro ELISA plate reader
> software to read ELISA plates and was wondering if I could get
> comments/suggestions/recommendations on other ELISA plate reader
> software?
> -Martin

Maybe I can help.

My company has developed ELISA reader software which is installed in about 200
labs.  We have a new version that simply collects absorbance data from a plate
and places it in an Excel workbook.

Prior versions of the program communicate with Molecular Devices readers, but
this latest version has not yet been programmed for them.  The lab where I
previously tested Molecular Devices equipment now has a different reader.

I'll provide a free copy of the software in exchange for a brief telephone
conversation and a little test time on a Molecular Devices reader.

You can see a program description and download a sample copy of ELISACalc Lite

For more details, please contact me at my corporate e-mail address
Larry at customized-applications.com

Larry Mysz
Customized Applications, Inc
708 754 7859
Larry at customized-applications.com

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