Allergies and autoimmune problems

RSAMSON18 at cs.com RSAMSON18 at cs.com
Sat Jun 17 08:52:34 EST 2000

The article "My Fight Against Multiple Sclerosis" by Roger MacDougall which 
can be
found at www.cadvision.com/embrya/roger.html is very interesting.  He 
recovered by
following a diet which eliminated foods causing allergic reactions.  Some 
reading on the internet indicates that small particles of undigested foods 
may enter
the bloodstream and cause allergic reactions.  This made me wonder if it 
might be
better to try to prevent absorption of undigested food particles rather than 
trying to
avoid eating foods which will cause problems.  Insoluble fiber and adequate 
will probably keep the particles larger and less likely to be absorbed.  Also 
means to maintain or improve the integrity of the lining of the intestines 
might help.
Glutamine supplements are supposed to do this by providing protein for the 
Ralph L. Samson


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