"Th1-type" antibodies

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> Dear All,
> <entering sweeping generalisation mode>
> In the mouse, IgG1 antibody responses tend to be induced in the context
> of a Th2-type cytokine microenviroment and IgG2a for Th1-type
> cytokines.  In the human, IgG4 is probably the counterpart to IgG1 in
> the mouse.  What is the human counterpart for the Th1-type antibody?
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> Ian Davis.

I would be inclined to be cautious over drawing parallels between mouse and
human IgG subclasses. My reasoning is quite simple. It is clear from an
analysis of the gene organisation and the gene and protein sequences that
the subclasses of IgG in mouse and human have arisen independently. 

The numbers of IgG subclasses vary from species to species so there is
really no valid scientific argument to assume parallels between
IgG subclasses for distantly related mammalian species such as rodents and

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