"Th1-type" antibodies

Ian Davis Ian.Davis at ludwig.edu.au
Mon Jun 19 16:39:32 EST 2000

Mike Clark wrote:
> I would be inclined to be cautious over drawing parallels between mouse and
> human IgG subclasses. My reasoning is quite simple. It is clear from an
> analysis of the gene organisation and the gene and protein sequences that
> the subclasses of IgG in mouse and human have arisen independently.
> The numbers of IgG subclasses vary from species to species so there is
> really no valid scientific argument to assume parallels between
> IgG subclasses for distantly related mammalian species such as rodents and
> primates.

Dear Mike,

Thanks for your comments.  Your point is taken and of course is quite
correct, however perhaps I should phrase my question differently: is
there a human IgG subclass that is preferentially induced in the context
of a Th1-type microenvironment?  Such a class exists in the mouse.


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