IgA Deficiency: Any Treatments ??

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Mon Jun 19 22:10:57 EST 2000


I am a 44 year old male diagnosed with IgA deficiency about 3
years ago.  For me the symptoms are continuous colds from
October through May-1 every 2-3 weeks.  My internist is a gastro
specialist who sits on various FDA committees.  In addition he
has degrees in pharmacology and nutrition.  He mentioned that
some of the leading edge research on crohn's disease suggests
that using lactobacillus can create IgA's in the intestinal
tract.  In January I started taking Lactobacillus GG 2x a day
and have not had a cold since mid February.  On occassion, when
I have felt a cold coming on(about 3 or 4 times)I have used a
product called Zicam which is a zinc nasal spray.  The
combination seems to be very effective for me.  I have 3 kids
and that I have managed to avoid illness is a unique
experience.  Beyond that, the only things I do is  minimize
sugar and work out regularly.  Hope this helps.

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