Allergies and autoimmune problems

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The account I read of Roger MacDougall raises several problems:

He did not achieve recovery after 4 years of being on his diet. Not
His diagnosis may have been suspect, I suspect he had a viral infection that
caused his problems.
Roger himself stated that many others followed his diet without success. At
first he thought that they mustn't have followed it closely enough but upon
closer inspection dismissed this idea.
If MS could be caused by his solution then given the numbers of people that
have tried it a cure would be now be obvious ... no conspiracies theories
If MS was simply an allergic reaction (though the implication of TNFa and
mast cell involvement leans towards this) surely this would have been
established by now via familial studies.
Our bodies are always fighting off foreign particles, lining the gut wall
will solve nothing and may lead to nutrient deficiencies.

I had a brief look at this months ago because some blunderheads told me that
the cure for MS was obvious (they heard of Roger's account too) but of
course the medical profession would not recognise this because they are in
cohorts with the drug companies. I'm not saying you're saying this but would
like to point out that Roger himself was much more circumspect of his
methods than many of those who picked up on his idea. I think there is merit
in exploring the allergen idea, but only for heuristic purposes. The answer
is going to be, already is, much more complex than that.

Personally, my non professional advice to people with MS is:

avoid strenuous exercise, this increase ROS and raises heat shock protein
levels, which may be implicated also ...
Avoid stress, raises pkc activity which probably exacerbates the condition
via inflammatory pathways.
Sleep well, may help lower il1 levels.

And for science fiction:

LOWER your immune response potential (ginkgo biloba may help here but
doubtful) as this may slow the disease but there are complications with
that. I don't know, it's damn difficult.

John H.
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<RSAMSON18 at cs.com> wrote in message news:14.50fbebe.267cdc9a at cs.com...
> The article "My Fight Against Multiple Sclerosis" by Roger MacDougall
> can be
> found at www.cadvision.com/embrya/roger.html is very interesting.  He
> recovered by
> following a diet which eliminated foods causing allergic reactions.  Some
> additional
> reading on the internet indicates that small particles of undigested foods
> may enter
> the bloodstream and cause allergic reactions.  This made me wonder if it
> might be
> better to try to prevent absorption of undigested food particles rather
> trying to
> avoid eating foods which will cause problems.  Insoluble fiber and
> liquid
> will probably keep the particles larger and less likely to be absorbed.
> using
> means to maintain or improve the integrity of the lining of the intestines
> might help.
> Glutamine supplements are supposed to do this by providing protein for the
> lining.
> Ralph L. Samson
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